Canvas Canvas My Media/Media Gallery VideosFor students: How can I share video with an instructor but not with the whole class?

For students: How can I share video with an instructor but not with the whole class?

Using My Media in Canvas, students can share a video with an instructor privately, in a response to an assignment, and not share it with the rest of class.

Instructions for students are below --

In Canvas you will see the assignment prompt from the instructor

Click "Submit Assignment" to see the "Text Entry" window containing the Rich Text Editor tool panel

Click the "v" icon in the tool panel, then click "Embed Kaltura Media"

In the "Embed Kaltura Media" window, choose "My Media" and click "Add New"

NOTE: It's important for you to select "My Media" here, because this will keep the video in your personal video archive, and not transfer it to the Media Gallery which is viewable by the whole class.

You can now upload a video, or capture a new video

Once you have uploaded a video, or recorded and uploaded a video, return to the "Embed Kaltura Media" window. With "My Media" selected, click the "Select" button to the right of the video.

This will embed the video into the Rich Text Editing window you have open for your assignment submission

Once you have embedded the video, you can click "Submit Assignment"

When your instructor reviews the assignment in Canvas, they will see the your submission, including the embedded video.

NOTE: After the assignment is submitted this way, if you visit "My Media" you will see your video there, because "My Media" contains your personal archive of videos. But if you visit "Media Gallery" which is visible to the whole class, you will not see the video, because you have not published it there.