Canvas Screen RecordingWhat is CaptureSpace Lite?

What is CaptureSpace Lite?

CaptureSpace Lite is a My Media tool which allows you to:

  • Record from your laptop screen, laptop camera, or both
  • Record drawings you make live on screen while recording video
  • Make basic edits, opening titles, and closing credits
  • Upload your recordings to your My Media
  • Share your videos in the Canvas Media Gallery tool or in any Canvas text box

CaptureSpace Lite is a fairly easy to use screen capture application. It is a convenient way to capture your screen and audio for creating narrated PowerPoint lectures or to demonstrate anything visible on your computer screen.

Although it is easy to use, there are many steps in the recording, saving, editing and uploading process. We strongly advise anyone using ScreenCapture Lite to make a couple of “Test” screen captures to familiarize yourself with the process before making a screen capture video for distribution.

To access the CaptureSpace Lite tool go to My Media

This displays your My Media space.

Click Add New / CaptureSpace Lite