Canvas Web Cam VideosHow do I create a Canvas webcam email message?

How do I create a Canvas webcam email message?

In Canvas, users can record a webcam video in a number of different tools:

•In any Canvas text box (Announcements / Syllabus / Pages / Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes) - See How do I create a Webcam video in a Canvas text box?

In any Canvas message (Inbox/email)

In the Canvas Speed Grader as part of grading (Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes) - See How do I add a Webcam comment to a student's grade in the Canvas SpeedGrader?

In the My Media tool (CaptureSpace Lite) - See How do I create a Webcam video in the My Media tool (CaptureSpace Lite)?

Go to your Canvas Inbox

Click the "Compose a new message" icon

This displays the Compose Message panel.

Use the Course dropdown box to select a course

Click the "TO" icon and select who you would like to send the email message to

Add a Subject, then click the "Record an Audio or Video Comment" icon

This displays the Canvas Record/Upload Media Comment panel, which displays your computer's webcam recorder.

NOTE: It may take some time for the webcam recorder to connect.

Enter a title and allow Canvas to access your webcam and microphone

Click anywhere to record

To stop recording, click anywhere on the screen

Click Save

This adds the webcam recording to the Canvas message boxas an attachment.

Add any additional text to the message and click Send

This emails the message including the webcam video to the selected recipients.


To view the video message in Canvas, look in your Sent messages

Go to your Inbox, select the course, select Sent, and click on the message.

Email recipients will need to click on the "View this message in conversations" link to view the video portion of the message, which will require them to log into the Canvas site.