Canvas Screen RecordingCaptureSpace Lite: How do I Record the Full Screen?

CaptureSpace Lite: How do I Record the Full Screen?

CaptureSpace Lite is a fairly easy to use screen capture application. It is a convenient way to capture your screen and audio for creating narrated PowerPoint lectures or to demonstrate anything visible on your computer screen.

Although it is easy to use, there are many steps in the recording, saving, editing and uploading process. We strongly advise anyone using ScreenCapture Lite to make a couple of “Test” screen captures to familiarize yourself with the process before making a screen capture video for distribution.

Go to My Media

This displays your My Media space.

Click Add New / CaptureSpace Lite

If you have not already done so, download and install the CaptureSpace Lite application for your type of computer

If you have already downloaded and installed CaptureSpace Lite on your computer, click Open Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Recorder

NOTE: If you have already installed the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder on your computer, you can also open it anytime from your computer Applications.

Launch CaptureSpace Lite

Set or confirm your recording SETTINGS in the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Panel

Click the RECORD tab

Prepare your screen for recording

Open the app or window you wish to record, close unneeded apps and windows.


Click the SCREEN button

Select "Full Screen" from the Screen Capture Options

When you're ready to begin, click "RECORD"

Countdown to recording

You'll see a 5-second countdown before recording begins.

Note: Don't worry if your onscreen activity starts several seconds after the countdown finishes. You can trim unwanted footage later.

Recording begins

When the countdown finishes, the recording begins.  The full screen will be recorded.

Note: The Alt+P and Alt+D commands shown in the image above don't work on a Mac)

Stopping Recording

Hit the ESC key on your keyboard, to get out of full-screen mode in the app you are recording

Click the CaptureSpace Lite icon in your dock or taskbar

To pause recording, click PAUSE on in the tool panel

To resume recording click RESUME

To cancel the recording and discard the video, click CANCEL

To save the video you just recorded, click DONE

This will Process the recording and save it to your CaptureSpace Library. The CaptureSpace editing screen will be displayed allowing you to Trim or Chop portions of the recording.

For directions on Trimming your screen recording see: CaptureSpace Lite: How do I Trim a screen recording?

For directions on Chopping your screen recording see: CaptureSpace Lite: How do I Chop a screen recording?

When finished Trimming or Chopping your screen recording click Done

This displays an Upload Options panel

Add a Title, Description and Tags

Click UPLOAD to upload the recording to your My Media space

You can watch the progress of the upload, let it run in the background, or cancel it

When the upload is complete you can go to your My Media on any Canvas site and see the recording there

Click CLOSE to exit the Upload Options window