Canvas Trunk Project Site MigrationHow Do I Migrate Trunk Project Site Files to Tufts Box?

How Do I Migrate Trunk Project Site Files to Tufts Box?

Organizers can migrate their Trunk Project site Resources to a Tufts.Box folder, which can be shared with a number of other users.

Only Files can be migrated from Trunk to Tufts Box. Web Links, Announcements, Syllabus, Lessons and all other content (except files) cannot be migrated to Tufts.Box

Once you have created a folder in Tufts.Box, you can share the content in 2 different ways:

1 - You can obtain a URL link for the folder and distribute this URL link to users. Users with the link can view and download the files but cannot upload files to the folder.

2 - You can add “Collaborators” to the folder. Collaborators can be assigned permissions to view, upload, download, edit and delete files, depending on the permissions you assign them.

Note: Collaborators can also be emailed as a group.  For details on how to email a Tufts.Box shared folder group of collaborators see "How do I email the collaborators on a shared folder?"

Go to your Trunk Project site Resources

To the right of the Resources Root Folder, click Actions / Compress to Zip Archive

This creates a Zip file, located in your Resources Root Directory, that contains all of the Resources files and folders.

Note: Depending on how many folders and files you have in your Resources area, this may take some time.

Click on this Zip file and download it to your local computer

Go to the folder on your computer where you downloaded the Zip file, double-click it to create a folder that contains all of the folders and files

This creates a folder that contains all of the folders and files that were in the Zip file


Log into

Click New Folder

This displays the Create New Folder panel

Enter a name for the shared folder, then click Create

This creates the Tufts.Box folder.

Note: You do not have to, at this point, invite people to the folder.

Click on the name of the folder to access it

This displays the contents of the folder

Open the expanded folder you created from the zip file and select each sub-folder (or file) holding down your Command Key (MAC) or CONTROL Key (Windows) and drag the folders to the Tufts.Box folder

This displays your computer's file locator.

This uploads the folders and files to the Tufts.Box folder


Sharing your Files - Read Only

If you want others to have only Read Only access to your Tufts.Box folder, you can provide them with a link to the folder. With this link, they can access and download the files.

This displays a link to the folder that you can share with other users.


Sharing your Files - Collaboration

You can assign Collaboration permissions to select users. This will allow them to upload, edit or delete files based on the level of permissions you grant them.

To assign Collaboration permission to select users click the Share button to the right of the folder and select Invite Collaborators

This displays the Invite Collaborators panel

Enter the email addresses of the collaborators, select the permissions, then click Send Invites

When collaborators log into Tufts,Box, they will see the shared folder in their list of folders.