Canvas Trunk Course Site MigrationMigrating Resources in addition to Quizzes, Discussion Topics, Assignments and Lessons

Migrating Resources in addition to Quizzes, Discussion Topics, Assignments and Lessons

Before You Start

Before you begin migrating your files from Trunk to Canvas, go to your Trunk course site to review your content, check your site quota, and copy any web links you want to move to your Canvas course site.

Check your site quota.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click "Check Quota."

The amount of storage space currently being used and the site's quota will be displayed.

Canvas course sites can store 1GB of files. If you are using more than 1GB of space, contact and request more space in your Canvas course site before you migrate.

Publish any Tests & Quizzes you wish to migrate.

Working Copies of assessments and retracted assessments are not migrated to Canvas. To migrate a Working Copy or a retracted assessment, you must publish it first. (How do I publish an assessment?)

Migration Steps

Go to your Trunk site and open Lessons Builder.

If you do not see Lessons Builder in the sidebar of your course site, add the tool. (How do I add or remove tools on my course site?)

Click on the More Tools dropdown menu and select "Export CC."

If you own question banks that you wish to migrate, also select "Include all question pools you can access as a single question bank."

Click Download.

This creates a "sakai-export.imscc" file on your computer.

Go to your Canvas course site and select Settings from the navigation menu.

Select "Import Course Content."

Select "Common Cartridge 1.x Package."

Click Browse and select the "sakai-export.imscc" file you downloaded earlier.

Select "All content."

You are given an option to import all content or selected content. If you wish, you can import individual Lessons (Modules), Assignments, Quizzes, Question Banks, Discussion Topics and Folders and Files.

We recommend you import all of your content from your Trunk site and later remove or hide content you do not need.

If you would like to only import selected content from Trunk, choose "Select specific content." You will be able to indicate which content you want to migrate in a later step. For more, see the Canvas Guides: How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

Click the Import button.

Canvas will begin uploading and processing the sakai-export.imscc file. If your course has a lot of content, this may take some time. The page will display a menu bar showing how much time is left in the import.

When your import is complete, you will see a "Completed" badge (1). If there are errors, such as broken links, the badge will be yellow (2).

After You Migrate

After you migrate content to Canvas using the Common Cartridge export, review your content carefully. Trunk and Canvas tools differ in some ways and all of your content may not migrate perfectly (or may end up in a place that you don't expect). Below are notes and tips, broken down by tool.


Trunk Assignments are imported to the Canvas Assignments tool.

  • Review and update due dates and availability dates.
  • Review the grading scheme and points awarded.
  • Unpublish any assignments that need further review or more work.
  • Consider organizing Assignments into categories. Trunk Assignments are imported and placed in a Canvas Assignments Category named Imported Assignments. You can rename this category or create new ones.

For more information about the Assignments tool, see Assignments in the Canvas Guides.


Published Trunk Tests & Quizzes are imported to the Canvas Quizzes tool.

  • Review every question in your imported quizzes. Ensure that correct answers are indicated where appropriate and that points are correctly awarded.

Some question types do not import cleanly to Canvas Quizzes:

  • Numeric Response questions are converted to Fill in the Blank questions.
  • Matching, File Upload, Matrix, and Calculated questions are not imported. With the exception of Matrix, these question types exist in Canvas and the questions can be recreated.
  • The point value of each imported question is set to 1.
  • Trunk quizzes that use the random draw functionality are imported into Canvas but all questions in the associated pool from which there is a random draw are shown in the quiz. Thus, all random draw quizzes contain all of the questions from the pool.

For more information about the Quizzes tool, see Quizzes in the Canvas Guides.


Trunk Discussion Topics are imported to the Canvas Discussions tool.

  • Review the text of Discussion topics. Topic short descriptions are not imported but Topic long descriptions are imported and displayed along with any media files.
  • If you use Groups in your Canvas course, Assign Topics to Groups as appropriate.
  • Only Trunk Forum Topics are copied to Canvas Discussions. The Trunk Forum structure (with Topics nested within Forums) is not maintained.

For more information about the Discussions tool, see Discussions in the Canvas Guides.


Trunk Lessons are imported to the Modules tool. (Content in a Trunk Lesson is also imported to the Files tool.)

  • Trunk Lessons "Add Text" elements are converted to HTML files located in a folder in the Files tool called Attachments.
  • Trunk Embedded Content is converted to Canvas linked content. (No images/audio or video are embedded, but the module contains a link to the original content.)
  • Trunk Lesson links to Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions are not migrated to Canvas Modules.  

If you used Lesson Builder extensively in Trunk, consider using the Pages tool in Canvas to present your content rather than the Modules tool. Canvas Pages allow you to add text, embed and link to content, and present content on sequential pages. For more, see the Canvas Guides: What are Pages?


Trunk Resources are imported to the Files tool, with the exception of web links.

  • Review your files and rename and reorganize as appropriate. (See How do I rename files as an instructor? and How do I move and organize my files as an instructor?)
  • Files and folders may have different names in Canvas than they did in Trunk. When files are migrated from Trunk to Canvas, they retain the filename they had when they were originally uploaded or created.
  • Files and folders in the Files tool are in alphabetical order. To rearrange your material, create Modules or Pages. For more about these tools, see the Canvas Guides: How do I add a module? and How do I create a new page in a course?
  • Web links in Trunk Resources are not migrated to Canvas. (The Files tool cannot contain web links. If you copied them into a text file (see Before You Start) they can now be copied and pasted into Canvas Modules or Pages.
  • Search for ".html" files in the Files tool using the search box above the list of folders. Web links and Trunk Pages sometimes will appear as HTML files in the Canvas Files tool. Review the content in these files and copy and paste it to a Page or Module.

For more information about the Files tool, see Files in the Canvas Guides.