How to Record Part of the Screen

NOTE: During spring 2019 Tufts is replacing CaptureSpace Lite with Kaltura's new capture tool, Kaltura Capture.  Both tools will be available until May 30, 2019.  Starting June 1, 2019, only Kaltura Capture will be available.

We encourage you to start capturing video with Kaltura Captura (instead of CaptureSpace Lite) as soon as is convenient.

To get started, visit these user guides for Kaltura Capture.

Feel free to contact for assistance with lecture capture.

Launch CaptureSpace Lite

Set or confirm your recording SETTINGS in the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder Panel

Click the RECORD tab

Prepare your screen for recording

Open the app or window you wish to record, close unneeded apps and windows.

Click the SCREEN button

To capture a select area of the screen, choose "Select Area"

Note: If you will use CaptureSpace Lite drawing tools to draw onscreen during the recording, capturing a select area will allow you to hide the drawing tools during recording.

Click the SELECT AREA button at the bottom of the desktop recorder panel

Use the cursor to select an area of the screen

The screen will darken, and your cursor will turn to crosshairs.  Select the portion of the screen you wish to record.  As soon as you release the mouse button, the countdown to recording will begin.

Countdown to recording

You'll see a 5-second countdown before recording begins.

Note: Don't worry if your onscreen activity starts several seconds after the countdown finishes. You can trim unwanted footage later.

Recording begins

When the countdown finishes, the recording begins.  Only the selected part of the screen (outlined with a thin blue line) will be captured.

Note: The Alt+P and Alt+D commands shown in the image above don't work on a Mac)


To stop recording, click PAUSE in the tool panel

To resume recording click RESUME

To save the video you just recorded, click DONE

To cancel the recording and discard the video, click CANCEL

Later you can trim or chop unwanted sections of your video, and upload it to MediaSpace to use in other platforms.