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How to Draw On Screen During Video Recording

NOTE: During spring 2019 Tufts is replacing CaptureSpace Lite with Kaltura's new capture tool, Kaltura Capture.  Both tools will be available until May 30, 2019.  Starting June 1, 2019, only Kaltura Capture will be available.

We encourage you to start capturing video with Kaltura Captura (instead of CaptureSpace Lite) as soon as is convenient.

To get started, visit these user guides for Kaltura Capture.

Feel free to contact for assistance with lecture capture.

With CaptureSpace Lite, you can draw on screen to highlight aspects of your presentation.  

Note: This is easier when you record a select part of the screen (rather than full-screen).

To get started, launch CaptureSpace Lite, set the audio and video settings, and start recording part of the screen.

Click DRAW in the Screen Capture Tool Panel

The Drawing Tool Panel appears above the Screen Capture Tool Panel

Depending on the area of the screen you're capturing, the Drawing Tool Panel may overlap that area.

Move the Drawing Tool Panel so it's outside the recording area

Don't worry if the recording is in progress while you're moving things around. You can trim unwanted footage later.

Select a tool, line width, and color

Note: The colors in the color selection palette are approximate. I.e., they don't exactly match the actual colors that will be drawn on screen with the tools.

The panel has one pointer, seven tools, and three actions

Make your drawing as the recording continues

When finished, click DONE to erase the drawing and close the drawing tool panel

Now you can go to your next slide, image, or screen and keep presenting, as the recording continues.