How to Add an Opening Title

In CaptureSpace Lite you can add a simple opening title screen with text to the beginning of your video

Click the LIBRARY tab in the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder tool panel

Click on a recording to select it

Click PREVIEW in the Upload Options window

The recording opens in a preview window and starts playing

Click PAUSE to stop the recording

Click the TITLES button in the left-hand tool panel

Browse the title templates

Choose a template and type in a title and description

The description is optional, you can leave it blank if need be.

Click APPLY to add the title to the beginning of the recording

Note: These changes are temporary until you click DONE

The title will be added to the beginning of the video

Note: The duration, size, and position of the title are pre-set and can't be changed.

To discard the title without saving, click CANCEL

To save the title, click DONE

Indicate how you want to save the changes

Rename the recording if needed, and click SAVE