What's new in Echo360 for Students?

In July 2017, Tufts moved to the newest version of the Echo360 lecture capture system. Recordings were previously hosted, administered, and viewed on a platform called the Echo System Server (ESS). Going forward, recordings will be hosted on the Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP).    

New Interface

Screenshot of Echo360 video player.

Most ESS users accessed recordings via individual links in Trunk or TUSK. In the ALP, all recordings for a course are grouped on a single Course page in Echo360. Your Canvas or TUSK course site links to the associated Echo360 Course page where you'll be able to view all available recordings for the course. The Echo360 player/viewer (now called a "Classroom") has also been updated. For more information, see the Echo360 help files:


New Study Tools

Screenshot of Echo360 notes tool.

The Echo360 Classroom allows you to flag and bookmark content while watching a recording. The Classroom also has an integrated Notes tool that allows you to take notes as you watch and attach those notes to a location in the video. For more information, see the Echo360 help files:

Please note that the Questions/Q&A tool has been disabled for Tufts.

New Login Process

All Tufts account holders have access to the new Echo360. However, the login process has changed. Students accessing Echo360 from Canvas will be taken directly to recordings without having to log in again. Students using TUSK will use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into Echo360 with their Tufts username and password. For more information, see How do I access Echo360?

Help and Support

If you experience any issues with Echo360, please contact Educational Technology Services at tusk@tufts.edu or edtech@tufts.edu.