How do I check the audio and video inputs?

Turn on the camera, microphone and display.

In most lecture halls, touch the Crestron panel and select Desktop to warm up the projector. Touch the More Sources button and Camera to wake-up the video camera. If the instructor is using a handheld or lapel microphone, turn it on.

Log into the Echo device.

At the podium computer, open the bookmark or shortcut to "Echo360 capture." If there is no bookmark or shortcut, see KB0013267 in TechConnect.

You will be prompted for a username and password. Credentials and login details can be found in KB0013267.

If you have difficulty logging into a device, check the device URL. If it ends with "/advanced," it is asking for the device's admin login and password. If it does not end with "/advanced," it is asking for the instructor login and password. Both sets of credentials are listed in KB0013267.

Select the "Monitor" tab and click "Start Monitoring."

See if the projector feed, the camera and the audio are all working. Typically, one video feed will reflect whatever is being sent to the projector and the other shows what is captured by the room camera.

Click on the Captures tab and click the "Stop Monitoring" button.