Introduction to Kaltura Capture

What is Kaltura?

Think of Kaltura as a secure Tufts version of YouTube. It's a collection of websites and services that allow anyone in the Tufts community to create and share video over the internet.

What is Kaltura Capture?

This easy-to-use app will allow you to record videos on any computer and post them easily to Kaltura. This tool is a fully downloadable program that runs on your laptop or computer, and is available to all Tufts users as part of  Kaltura.

Why use Kaltura Capture?

You can record and post video online to transmit didactic information. This frees up valuable face-to-face time in your classroom for more interactive pursuits.

A few of the best uses for educational video recorded with Kaltura are:

  • Online Lectures - Asynchronous learning opportunities  
  • Flipped Classroom - Make time for active learning activates in the classroom
  • Review Sessions - Respond to student questions in a format they can watch outside of class
  • Difficult Concepts - Use supplementary video to explain things you know students need extra exposure too
  • Screen recording - Record anything on your screen, including electronic medical record or published papers


How to use Kaltura Capture Space to post a video to TUSK

Download the App

Log-into media Space  ( ) and download the app to your computer.

Record Your Lecture

Using your computer and possibly a microphone, record your computer screen, including lecture presentations, histology slides, or e - records. You also have the option of recording from your webcam at the same time, if you wish to include video of yourself.

Post to TUSK

Get the embed code for the recorded video from MediaSpace ( ) and copy the HTML code into a "page" on TUSK using the "source" button.

How to get started with Kaltura Capture

Contact us:
To get started with Kaltura, contact Tufts Educational Technology Services (, we will train you in its use and advice on how to effectively incorporate it into your teaching.

TUSK User Guides:
Read our guide on adding video to TUSK: 
Read our guides on Kalutra:

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