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Recording a Powerpoint presentation with Explain Everything

Preparing for video recording:

  • On your desktop or laptop computer, log into your Tufts Box Account and upload your Powerpoint presentation into Box
  • On your tablet device, if you haven't yet already, upload Explain Everything, Box, and Powerpoint (through the app store on the device)
  • On the tablet, launch Explain Everything and go to "Settings". Under the "Integrations" tab, make sure "Box" is activated
  • On the tablet, log into Box using Single Sign-On with your Tufts email address, then with your Tufts username
  • Plug a good mic (Samsung tabletop, or Lavalier clip-on from Tisch Library) into the tablet using the necessary adapter

To make the video recording:

Refer to this comprehensive Explain Everything user guide

Also, refer to short high-quality video tutorials in Log in and do a search on "Explain Everything" and on "Explain Everything Powerpoint"

  • In Explain Everything, set any necessary settings as described in the Explain Everything user guides and tutorials
  • Start a new "Project" in Explain Everything
  • Import your Powerpoint presentation into the project
  • Start the recording
  • Click through your slides as you narrate/present
  • Use the tablet stylus and Explain Everything drawing tools to annotate as you present
  • Stop the recording when you're done
  • Save the project

NOTE: Keep the video short 6 minutes is ideal (8 minutes tops)

To edit the Explain Everything project:

To export the video recording:

  • In Explain Everything, while the project is still open (or you can re-open it), click the "export" icon (box with arrow)
  • Chose to export as "Video", and choose to export to Box
  • Choose a Box folder to export the video into
  • Give the video time to render and save into Box as an MP4 file. This may take several minutes
  • Once the video is completely copied into Box, you can drag it to your desktop to copy it there as well

To upload the video into My Media in Canvas:

Feel free to contact Tufts Educational Technology Services for support using Explain Everything. Contact us at