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For Instructors: How do I install iClicker for use with Canvas?

NOTE: our current Tufts-custom version of iClicker for Mac iOS, has not been confirmed as compatible with Mac iOS Catalina.  Because of this, we recommend that Tufts iClicker users not install iOS Catalina at this time.  During summer 2020 we will upgrade the Tufts-custom version of iClicker to be Catalina compatible.

We will post a notice here when that upgrade is complete.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

In the Box folder, click on the .zip file for your operating system (Mac or Windows)

Click "Download" to download the folder

Note: when viewing the file before download, you may get an error message in Box which says "We're sorry, the preview didn't load. This file type may not be supported." Ignore this, and download the file anyway.

Find the downloaded folder called "iClicker_Classic_Canvas_v . . ." (for Mac or Windows)

This folder contains the Tufts customized iClicker software that works with Canvas, a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide, an Instructor User Guide, and a Resources folder

Plug a USB drive into your computer

Drag the iClicker folder to copy it from your computer hard drive onto the USB drive

Once the iClicker folder is completely copied onto the USB drive, delete it from the computer hard drive

Open the iClicker folder from the USB drive. Inside the folder, double-click the iClicker icon to launch the app