How to Use Video In TUSK

You can incorporate previously recorded video into TUSK three different ways, depending on where the video files are stored, and how you would like to show them.

The guides linked to below will tell you how --


To record videos using your computer, we recommend Kaltura Capture.

Note: You cannot record video from inside TUSK, but you can instead use a simple video capture tool, such as Kaltura Capture, to record video from your screen or webcam, and then incorporate the video into TUSK using one of these two methods:

Once you have recorded and uploaded the video you can use either of the following methods.

How to Add Video in TUSK with a Link - this is the easiest way to include video

How to Add Video in TUSK with an Embed Code - this has a nicer presentation, but requires the use of HTML code


For video files that are stored on your computer, such as .mp4 or .mov files:

How to Upload Video into a TUSK Folder


For help designing, recording or posting your video content please contact Educational Technology Services at