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How to Add Video in TUSK with an Embed Code

If you have recorded and uploaded video using Kaltura Capture, you can find an embed code for the video in MediaSpace and paste it into a TUSK page as follows --

Go to the Tufts MediaSpace website

Visit this link:

Log Into MediaSpace

Click the "NOT LOGGED IN" button in the upper right corner. Login using your Tufts user name and password

Click on your name, and then click on "My Media"

Choose the Video You Want to Add to TUSK by clicking on the thumbnail or name

You will arrive at a page showing that video

Click the "Share" tab

Click "Embed"

Select and copy the embed code

Navigate to the folder in TUSK where you would like to make the video available

Click "Upload New Content"

Choose "Create Document using TUSK HTML Editor" and click "Submit"

In the HTML Editor window, click "Source", and paste in the embed code

Add information about the video as follows:

  1. Title: Add a Title
  2. Content Access: Set level of access (if unsure use default "All TUSK Users")
  3. Display Date and Hide Date: Set the "Display" and "Hide Date" (optional, if blank content will not be restricted by date)
  4. Click: "Save Changes"

Your video is now posted in TUSK. We recommend that you preview the page to insure the video is visible.