How to Upload Video into a TUSK Folder

This guide will show you how to upload a video file, such as an .mp4 or .mov from your computer into your TUSK course.  

Log into TUSK and open the TUSK folder where you want to add the video file

In the upper right corner of the folder window, click "EDIT" or "UPLOAD/EDIT"

Click Upload New Content

Choose video upload options as follows:

  1. Selected Action: choose "Upload Content"
  2. Content Type: choose "Video"
  3. File: Click "Choose File" and browse your computer to find and select the video you wish to upload
  4. Click "Submit"

Note: this may take over a minute based on file size and bandwith.

Add information about the video as follows:

  1. Title: Add a title
  2. Text Description: Include a description of the video (optional)
  3. Content Access: Set level of access (if unsure use default "All TUSK Users")
  4. Display Date and Hide Date: Set these dates (optional, if left blank content will not be restricted by date)
  5. Click "Save Changes"

Once you've saved the changes, the video will be posted. Preview the link from the TUSK folder, to insure it's working.