How to Create and Deliver Attendance Polls

Create Attendance Polls

We recommend that you use a multiple choice question so that the correct answer can be easily displayed in a gradebook report.  Select the check box to the left of the answer text to indicate the correct answer.

Click here to Learn more about Creating Polls.

Changing the Presentation URL

You may want to create a URL that is specific to the purpose of these questions instead of being labelled with the name of the User (presenter). For example, instead of you can change the link

It is important to remember that each User (presenter) can only have one URL that their polls are presented from.

To learn how to Change the URL that will be associated to your polls click on this link: Customize your username and the URL of your response page


Organize your polls with "Account Polls"

Account polls allow you to access and deliver Polls in other Users' (presenter) accounts.

To gain access to another User's polls, both of you must be added to a User Group. To request a user group, email and provide the names and email addresses of everyone who needs to be included in the group.


Delivering Polls from "Account Polls"

To Present from Account polls:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Account Polls
  3. Find the poll you would like to present under the user account that owns that poll
  4. Activate the poll by clicking on the activate icon to the right of the poll (see image)
  5. Share the URL with the students. You can write the URL onto the board or you can open the web view by clicking on the title of the question.

It is important to note that to access a poll students must always use the poll owner's URL, regardless of who is activating it in the Account Polls area. This means that if you present a poll from another member of your User Group, it will be accessible to student via the link of that user (not your own presentation link).


Run Reports

You can run reports from other members of your user group the same way that that you would run them from your own polls.

  1. Open Account Polls
  2. Find the polls that you wish to run reports on
  3. Use the check boxes to the left of the polls to select all the polls you would like to report on
  4. Click on reports at the top of the screen
  5. You most likely want to use a grade book report

To learn more about creating and running reports use these guides:

Introduction to Reporting

Creating a report

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