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Synchronizing Canvas roster and gradebook with Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere can synchronize with your Canvas course roster and gradebook.

NOTE: If you have any Canvas administrator privileges contact before attempting the Canvas sync.

Importing students from Canvas

Log in to Poll Everywhere and go to the "Participants" tab

Click the "Add participants" button

Click "Connect to LMS"

Select Canvas

Click "Login" next to the Tufts Canvas URL

Click "Tufts Login"

Click "Authorize"

Click the Tufts Canvas link under "Your available Canvas logins"

Select the course(s) you want to synchronize with and click "Continue"

Click "Got it!" to return to the Participants tab

Look at the Participant list to make sure the roster synchronized correctly.

Each course that you synchronize will appear as a "Participant group" in the list on the right and your students to will appear in the participant list. The Participant Groups will be important if you use the reporting features of Poll Everywhere.

NOTE: you may have to repeat the roster import for your courses due to the fluctuation in enrollments at the beginning of the term. Re-importing your course roster will not create duplicate students.

Exporting grades to Canvas

To export grades to Canvas you need to create a Gradebook Report. You can find those instructions here: How to Create Reports