Trouble Accepting User (instructor) Account

If you are having an issue logging into your instructor account on Poll Everywhere it may be because you have an existing account in Poll Everywhere (even if you don't remember it). You can follow these steps to gain access to your Tufts University account.


A member of the Educational Technology Services team will contact you to help resolve the issue. You will receive an invitation email from Poll Everywhere with a button to accept your account.

Click the "Accept invitation" button or go to and use the log in button in the upper right.

Log into the account that is associated with your email. You can click on the "Single sign-on" link to use the your tufts credentials or use the password you set up when you created your free account.

Click on the 'Accept' button if you are presented with one.

If you can click the accept button you have successfully claimed your account. If you do not see the 'Accept' button, then continue to the next step.

Open "My Settings"

Click on the gear in the upper right.

Click on "My Settings"

View the invitation

Click on the 'View now' under New Invitations.

Accept the invitation

Test your account set up

Your account should be set up correctly. You can test you account by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Log Out'
  3. Click on 'Log In'
  4. Enter your email
  5. Use the hint to access the Tufts single sign on page
  6. After entering your tufts single sign ot credentials (the way you log into Canvas or TUSK) you should be able granted access.

If you are still having trouble please email