How do I access my course evaluation reports in Blue?

Instructors can access and view their course evaluation reports after final grades are due for the semester (usually a few weeks after final exams).

In order to access a course evaluation report:

  1. The course must be designated by the Department as an evaluated course. Courses not designated for evaluation may include: labs, recitations, low enrollment, independent study, thesis, or others.
  2. You must be listed as an official "Instructor of Record" for the course, or you must be a staff member who has been granted access. Guest Instructors and TAs are not evaluated and do not have access to the course evaluation.
  3. If there are multiple designated "Instructors of Record" for a course, each instructor can only see their own evaluation and the general course evaluation. Instructors cannot see other instructor's evaluations.

Some schools require a response threshold to be met in order for reports to be published. If fewer than 3 students respond to a course evaluation in Sackler, or fewer than 4 students in AS&E, the report will not be generated for that course.

Some schools also allow their students to view the course evaluation reports. For those schools, the links to the reports are posted in a secure location.

if you cannot find the reports for the term that you are searching for, it may be that you are looking for a term that was evaluated in Trunk prior to the implementation of Blue. If this is the case, please go to Trunk and click on the "Legacy Course Evaluation Reports" link in the left navigation bar to access reports for these previous terms.

You will receive an email inviting you to view the reports

If you do not receive an email, you can access Blue directly at You can also access Blue via links provided in Trunk or Canvas for the course.

Log into Blue with your Tufts University username and password.

Select a datasource

During login you may be required to select a datasource. Be sure to select the correct one in order to view your tasks.

Once logged in you can view the report list

Be sure to enable 'show child reports' in order to allow for search across terms.

Report titles can be searched by keywords, e.g. a topic or an instructor name

Click on a report title to view it

Click "Download PDF" in the lower left corner to download the report

The chart below compares how a report was previously displayed in Trunk vs. how it is currently displayed in Blue

The first image below gives a color-coded key of the types of data items included in a report.  The second image below shows how these data items are displayed in Trunk vs. Blue

Summary Data

In the "Summary of Results" section of the Blue course evaluation report, summary data is provided for that particular course, as well as for all courses in the subject, for comparison.

The course title displayed at the top of the report, and the subject is displayed in parenthesis.

In the "Detailed Results of Course Evaluation", you will only see results for your own course.

Response thresholds

Some Tufts' schools require a student response threshold. For those schools, if the minimum number of responses has not been met, the report will not be generated and the respondent threshold status will indicate 'not met'. This protects student confidentiality.

In Sackler, if fewer than 3 students complete a course evaluation, or in AS&E if fewer than 4 students complete to a course evaluation, the report will not be published for that course.