Installing Kaltura Capture on a PC

Kaltura Capture can be accessed through either Canvas or MediaSpace. In Canvas you access Kaltura Capture with the "My Media" tool in the white left-hand menu.  In MediaSpace you access Kaltura Capture (the first time you use it) in the "Add New" menu.  During your first use, the app will be installed locally on your computer, then you can use it from there. Installation instructions are below.

Click on Add New

Click on Download for Windows

The installation app will be added to your downloads folder.

Locate the installation app and double-click on it

The installation app is called KalturaCapture_#.dmg. (Note: the numbers to the right of the installation app will be different from image shown here).

Click "Run" to install Kaltura Capture

When installation is complete, return to the MediaSpace web page and click "Add New"

Choose "Open KalturaCapture" to Launch the App

This step is needed to connect the Kaltura Capture app you just downloaded to your Tufts Kaltura account.

Note that videos you capture will be uploaded to the Kaltura servers as part of the capture process, and will be accessible in both Canvas and MediaSpave regardless of which computer you are running the app from.