CanvasCanvas Course EmailerHow do I email my class using the Canvas Course Emailer tool?

How do I email my class using the Canvas Course Emailer tool?

The Course Emailer allows instructors and TAs to email a class (or a group of classes) via their Tufts Outlook email server.

The Course Emailer tool assigns an email address for a course that can be used the same as any other Tufts email address.  Note: This email bypasses any Canvas Notifications settings set by either the student or the instructor.

The Course Emailer tool may be hidden by default on your Canvas course site. To unhide the Course Emailer tool see:

How do I unhide the Canvas Course Emailer tool?

Please Note: if you email more than one course at a time, you will receive a copy of the same email for each course you emailed. If you want to avoid this you can set up an email filter to automatically delete the duplicates.

Click on Course Emailer

Click on the course email address

This displays an email form to email the class


Note 1: You can copy the email address and use it to send an email to your class outside of the Canvas environment

Note 2: You can combine this email address with other course email addresses to email multiple classes at once

Note 3: You can change the Global Setting for who receives the course email

Note 4: In the "CC" or BCC" header of the email, you can add additional email addresses of people outside of the class roster

Note 5: You can edit the email list permissions by clicking on "Edit Specific Section" then clicking on the "Edit mailing list permissions icon (looks like a gear)

This displays the email list permissions options

Note 6: Students do not have access to the Canvas Course Emailer tool in their view of the course site