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How can I edit captions on My Media videos?

Machine-captioning of spoken English is available to Tufts users for free on videos you have uploaded to My Media in Canvas. The captioning is done automatically (using a computerized speech-to-text process) and is 70-80% accurate. Once the machine-captioning is complete, you should review and edit the captions to improve their accuracy.

NOTE: videos with clearly recorded audio will produce better machine-generated captions.

Log into Canvas and navigate to any course

Choose "My Media" from the left-side menu

Find your video, and click the title to see video details

From the "Actions" menu under the video player, choose "Caption Requests"

Confirm that the caption request status shows as "COMPLETE" and click "Edit"

The caption editing tool, Cielo24, will launch in a new window

Use the Cielo24 tools to play and pause the video, and edit the captions. When done, click "Save".

This video provides an introduction to using Cielo24

Use the Cielo24 "Help" feature for additional help using the tool