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Canvas Webex - Set-up

Canvas WebEx allows instructors and students to host or participate in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing in a virtual meeting room. Meetings can be joined via the Canvas Webex interface.

Virtual Meetings generate an email notification to students but not to instructors

Canvas Webex also allows instructors to post Webex Office Hours allowing students to sign-up for a private Webex meeting with the instructor.

When a student reserves a WebEx Office Hours both the student and the instructor receive an email notifying them of their appointment with an option for them to add the appointment to their personal calendar.

Click Cisco Webex

This displays the Canvas Webex Set-up page

1 - If you want to schedule a virtual meeting with the class, checkmark "Virtual Meetings".

2 - If you want to schedule virtual office hours with students, checkmark "Office Hours".

3 - Click "Apply".

1 - Click "Sync" to synchronize Canvas Webex to Eastern Standard time (or what ever your local time zone.

2 - Click "Authorize" to allow Canvas Webex to facilitate Virtual Meetings and Office Hours. This must be done to use Canvas Webex.

3 - If you want Canvas Webex "Virtual Meetings" to apper as a graded assignment, click "Turn on".

Note: This feature automatically assigns a grade to every student in your course based on their attendance to all Webex sessions.


If instructors choose to have Virtual Meetings listed in Canvas as a graded assignment, an options panel is displayed allowing Score Weighting and Assignment Settings.

A new button titled "Recalculate Course Grade" is also displayed under Set-up. Click "Recalculate Course Grade" to update the Canvas gradebook.