Canvas Canvas WebexCanvas Webex - How do I create a Webex Virtual Meeting?

Canvas Webex - How do I create a Webex Virtual Meeting?

Canvas WebEx allows instructors and students to host or participate in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing in a virtual meeting room. Meetings can be joined via the Canvas Webex interface.


- We recommending using either the Firefox or Chrome browser for access to Virtual Meetings
- Users may have to download the Webex app plugin if it is not installed on their computer.
- We strongly urge instructors to schedule a "Test" virtual meeting, sometime in advance, to make sure all students have the Webex plug-n installed on their computer and their microphone and audio are working.
- Instructors may want to ask students not to use their webcam during a Virtual meeting as it affects the available bandwidth.

Directions for Canvas Webex "Set-up" are here:
Canvas Webex - Set-up

After completing "Set-up", click Cisco Webex

This displays the Canvas Webex application.

Click on the Virtual Meeting tab

To create a new Virtual Meeting, click Add (+) New Meeting

If you are not currently signed-in to your Tufts Webex account, you may need to login using your Tufts username and password

You will also be required to grant Canvas Webex permission to access your Tufts Webex meeting data, manage your meetings and your Webex recordings.

After login, the New Meetings panel is displayed.

Enter the name of the meeting / Use the Meeting Date dropdown to select the date/time/zone / Set the meeting duration / Set the recurrence - Then click Create Meeting

This will create the Webex Virtual Meeting(s) and list it under the Virtual Meetings tab.

To start the meeting, click on Host

This will initiate the Webex Virtual meeting


For more information on how to use Webex see:

Tufts Technology User Guides - Get started with WebEx

Tufts Technology User Guides - Best practices for video and online conferencing

The Canvas Virtual Meetings are also listed on your personal Tufts Webex ( under Meetings

Some Important Considerations

  • Students cannot access Canvas Webex until the instructor has completed Set-up
  • Once the instructor has completed Set-up, all registered users that have a Tufts username and password (Instructors, TAs, Course Builders, Students) have permission to create a Virtual Meeting.
  • All user accounts (including guest accounts) can access a scheduled Virtual Meeting.
  • People outside of the course roster cannot access a Virtual Meeting via Canvas Webex and cannot be invited.
  • Virtual Meetings can be recorded and the recording is available via Canvas (Cisco Webex / Past Meetings/View Recording.