Canvas Canvas New QuizzesHow do I create a Stimulus in New Quizzes?

How do I create a Stimulus in New Quizzes?

In Canvas New Quizzes a Stimulus is a group of questions created around a main piece of content (document / web site / image / video). The Stimulus uses a two- column layout with the main stimulus content on the left, and the questions on the right.

The instructions below show you how to set up a Stimulus —

In a New Quiz, go to the Quiz/Build page and add a question by clicking "+"

Choose "+Stimulus" as the question type

In the first column, enter the Stimulus title, instructions, and content

[1] Stimulus title will display at the top of the Stimulus in bold.
[2] Instructions are general instructions for the whole Stimulus group of questions (Optional).
[3] Use the Rich Text Editor to display the Stimulus content (document / web site / image / video).
[4] Including a source URL is optional. Students will not see the Source URL.

Click "Save Stimulus"

Click "Attach Question"

Click one of the question types to select it

Enter the Question title (optional, not seen by students), Question stem (seen by students) and the rest of the question information

[1] The Question Title is optional, and is not seen by students
[2] The Question Stem is where you put the question you want answered
[3] Complete the rest of the question details, depending on what type of question you selected

Set the question point value, then click "Done"

To add additional questions to the Stimulus click "Attach Question"

You can add as many questions to the Stimulus group as needed. For example:

NOTE: In Canvas New Quizzes, the Question Navigator displays a Stimulus as a group of questions. For example: