Canvas Proctor UWhat is Proctor U?

What is Proctor U?


ProctorU is an online and virtual proctoring service that Tufts has adopted for online courses. It allows faculty to require students to take an exam in Canvas while a proctor observes them and the activity on their screen.

ProctorU creates a locked-down testing environment for students. Designed for remote, high-stakes exams, it provides an additional layer of security and oversight that some faculty may want for their courses.

There is no additional charge for students to use this service. Tufts instructors who would like to learn more about ProctorU can read the FAQ’s below. Please also review Alternative Approaches to Exams for Remote Teaching by CELT

Instructors who want to implement ProctorU for their courses should contact ETS with the request.*

[email protected]

* Requests for this service should be made prior to the start of the semester. Late requests may be denied depending on the timing and/or complexity of converting the exam for Canvas.

ProctorU FAQ’s  

How does ProctorU work?

An exam event is created in ProctorU at which point students are able to schedule their exam session during the window of time specified. When the time comes for a student to take their exam, the student accesses ProctorU, is assigned a proctor, and they begin the intake process. This includes identity verification, a scan of their physical testing environment, and a human proctor monitoring their screen and webcam. The Canvas exam requires a password to begin. ProctorU will have this password and will enter it for the student in Canvas so that they can begin the exam. The proctor may communicate with the student if needed during the exam via a chat tool.

Does this use Artificial Intelligence or real people for proctoring?

ProctorU has several options, but Tufts uses their Live+ solution which is a human proctor. The student verification process uses artificial intelligence and is then checked by the proctor.

Do I have to learn a new system?

No, staff from ETS' online learning team will coordinate this for you and handle everything in ProctorU.

Is there an extra cost for students to use this?

No, ETS covers the cost. The only exception is if a student schedules their exam within 72 hours of taking the exam. This may result in a $5 fee, but we try to avoid this by communicating to students that they need to schedule their session early.

What if a student requires an accommodation?

ETS will work with you, the student, and any other office to make accommodations. Time-and-a-half for an exam is a very common accommodation.

Are there security or FERPA issues/concerns with recording students?

Some students have expressed concerns about privacy, ProctorU recording them, and accessing their computer's controls. With the exception of Spring 2020, we usually inform students when enrolling in an online class that they may need to participate in a proctored exam. ProctorU was vetted by Tufts' enterprise architecture review which includes a legal review and a security review. You can read their privacy statement here:

What happens if a student is suspected of cheating?

ProctorU will send an "Incident Report" to ETS staff for review. Most of these are false positives. for example, if a student closes their ProctorU session before logging out of Canvas, this will result in a low priority Incident Report, even though the exam had been submitted. ETS staff will review all Incident Reports and, if there is any question or doubt, they will send to the faculty member for further review and escalation if needed.

Can I do a paper exam or have students submit written work through ProctorU?

PrcotorU can handle some paper-based answers and scrap paper sort of submissions if students need to show their work. A full paper-based exam is a challenge, and we can work with you to see about converting your exam to a digital format with a scrap paper option if possible.