Canvas Canvas My Media/Media Gallery VideosHow do I embed video from My Media in a Canvas text-editing window?

How do I embed video from My Media in a Canvas text-editing window?

All Tufts University account holders (instructors / staff / students) can embed a My Media video in any Canvas text box, including in Announcements, Pages, Syllabus, Assignments, and Discussions.

Log into Canvas and navigate to a course

Choose a Canvas tool from the left-side menu

Click on the item which you want to embed video in

You will see the text-editing window

Note: The example used here is the text-editing window for a Discussion. Other Canvas tools that use text-editing windows include: Announcements, Pages, Syllabus, and Assignments.

Click inside the text-editing window to position the cursor there. Add text if you wish.

When you're ready to embed video from your My Media collection, click to position the cursor where you want the video to be

Click the small "V" icon found in the same row as the YouTube and Box icons.

Under the "V" icon you'll see a dropdown menu showing the Embed Kaltura Media icon, a colorful starburst. Click this.

The Embed Kaltura Media window will open. Choose the "My Media" tab.

The Embed Kaltura Media panel will show a list of all your My Media videos

Find the video you wish to embed, and click "Select"

The video will now appear embedded in the text-editing window

If you also included text in the text-editing window, it will appear as well

Be sure to scroll down and click "Save" to save all your edits