Canvas Screen RecordingHow do I record my screen using WebEx?

How do I record my screen using WebEx?

Instructors can create a screen recording video using their WebEx Meeting Center. 

Instructors can either post a link to this screen recording (on Canvas, e-mail or WordPress) or they can download the MP4 video file and upload it to their Canvas My Media tool and stream it to their students via the Media Gallery or embed it in a Canvas text box.

Note: Best practice is to make a short test screen recording video before embarking on a full-lecture screen recording. 

Go to and click Login

This displays the Tufts WebEx login page.

Enter your Tufts username and password and click Login

This displays your personal Tufts WebEx dashboard.

Click Meeting Center

This displays your personal Tufts WebEx Meeting Center.

Note:  You may have to click on "Host a Meeting" / "My Personal Room" to display your personal Tufts WebEx Meeting Center

Note: If you receive a request to download and install plugins, accept and follow the installation steps

Note: Each browser requires a one-time WebEx plug-in to use the Tufts WebEx application.

To enter your personal WebEx meeting room, click Enter Room

This displays your personal Tufts WebEx meeting room.

To use your computer's microphone click Call Using Computer

This displays the setup for using your computer's microphone input in a WebEx meeting.

Note: Make sure before you continue that the box says "Connected to Audio"

Click Share Screen

This initiates the meeting by sharing the contents of your screen (in this case, for recording)

Open the Application you want displayed during the screen recording

In this example, a PowerPoint presentation is opened full screen.  

Note that at the top of the screen is a button labeled "You are sharing your screen".

Click "You Are Sharing Your Screen" to expand the panel

This expands the WebEx control panel for the meeting.

Click Audio to set audio recording levels

Here you can adjust the audio levels for the meeting (recording).

Note: it is a good idea to test your audio here (both input and output).

To begin recording process, click Recorder

This displays a pop-up "Recorder" panel.

To start recording, click the Record button

Begin your recording of the screen (including your voice)

Note: The "You are sharing your screen" and the pop-up recording panel will not be part of the screen recording.

When you are finished recording, click the stop button

This stops the recording and displays a warning message.

Click Stop Recording

Click the "You are sharing your screen" button and click "Stop Sharing"

Click Leave Room

This displays a leaving room warning message.

Click Leave Room

After a time, (depending on the length of the recording) an email will be sent to your Tufts email address with a link to managing/downloading your screen recording video.

In the email, click Manage Recordings

This displays (in Tufts WebEx) all of your WebEx recordings.

Note: You may have to login to Tufts WebEx to view the recordings.

Click on the name of the recording

This displays the Recording Information page.


To rename the video or add a description, click Modify

To delete the video, click Delete

Best practice is to make a short test screen recording video before embarking on a full-lecture screen recording.

For directions on how to upload a video to the your Canvas My Media tool see: How do I upload a video to My Media?

For directions on publishing a My Media video to the course site's Media Gallery see: How do I publish a video from My Media to the course site Media Gallery?

For directions on embedding a My Media video into a Canvas text box see: How do I embed a video from My Media in a Canvas Text box?

Note: Tufts WebEx has a 512MB personal storage limit

One minute of video requires about 1.2MB of storage.  Make sure you have enough storage space available to complete your recording.

You might consider downloading all of your WebEx videos and upload them to your Canvas My Media space (which has no storage limit) and then delete the recordings from your WebEx storage space.