Canvas Trunk Course Site MigrationMigrating Resources Only

Migrating Resources Only

If you primarily used Trunk to store files, documents, and web links in the Resources tool, migrate your material by creating a zip archive, downloading it, and uploading it to the Canvas Files tool.

If you want to migrate content in other Trunk tools (like Assignments and Quizzes) in addition to Resources, please see Migrating Resources in addition to Quizzes, Discussion Topics, Assignments and Lessons.

Before You Start

Before you begin migrating your files from Trunk to Canvas, go to your Trunk course site to review your content, check your site quota, and copy any web links you want to move to your Canvas course site.

Check your site quota.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click "Check Quota."

The amount of storage space currently being used and the site's quota will be displayed.

Canvas course sites can store 1GB of files. If you are using more than 1GB of space, contact [email protected] and request more space in your Canvas course site before you migrate.

Migration Steps

Go to your Trunk site and open Resources.

Select the Actions drop-down menu to the right of the root folder and select "Compress to Zip Archive."

This makes a zip file of all the folders and files in Resources and places it in the root folder. (If you have a lot of files this may take some time).

Click on the newly-created zip folder to download it.

The zip file will be saved to your desktop or your Downloads folder.

Go to your Canvas course site and select the Files tool.

Click the Upload button.

Select the Trunk zip file. Canvas will ask if you want to expand the zip file. Click the Expand It button.

Your file and folder structure from Trunk Resources will be recreated in Canvas Files.

After You Migrate

Review your files and rename and reorganize as appropriate.

Note: Files and folders may have different names in Canvas than they did in Trunk. When files are migrated from Trunk to Canvas, they retain the filename they had when they were originally uploaded or created.

Create Modules or Pages to present material to students.

Files and folders in the Files tool are in alphabetical order. To rearrange your material, create Modules or Pages. For more about these tools, see the Canvas Guides:

What are Modules?

How do I add a module?

What are Pages?

How do I create a new page in a course?

Web links in Trunk are not migrated to Canvas. (The Files tool cannot contain web links.) If you copied them into a text file (see Before you Start) they can now be copied and pasted into Canvas Modules or Pages.

Search for HTML files in the Files tool.

Web links and Pages in Resources sometimes appear in Canvas Files as HTML documents. In the "Search for files" search box in the files tool, search for ".html."

Any HTML files will appear below the search box. Review the content in these files and copy and paste it into a Module or a Page.