Canvas Trunk Project Site MigrationHow do I Migrate Trunk Project Site Rosters to a Tufts elist?

How do I Migrate Trunk Project Site Rosters to a Tufts elist?

Trunk Project site Rosters can be migrated to the Tufts elist application allowing the group to use a single email address to communicate.

Go to the Trunk Project Site and click on Roster

This displays the Project Site Roster

Select all the Roster information and copy it to your computer's clipboard (COMMAND-C MAC) (CTROL-C Windows)

Open a blank Microsoft Word page, use the Paste dropdown box to select "Keep Text Only"

This will paste the Roster information into the Microsoft Word document without any formatting.


Delete all of the text except the user's email addresses

Copy the user's email addresses to your computer's clipboard (COMMAND-C MAC) (CTROL-C Windows)

Go to and login

This displays your Tufts elist control panel

Click Create List

This displays the Create elist form

Under "Create a list using a template" enter the name of the elist address, select a List type, Enter a Subject, Topics and Description, then click "Submit Your Creation Request"

Note: The email address cannot contain spaces


Search for your newly created elist

This displays your new elist.

Click Admin

This displays the administration page for your elist

Click Manage Subscribers

This displays the subscriber list for the elist and allows you to add subscribers.

Click Multiple Add

This displays a form that allows you to add multiple email addresses at once.

Paste the email addresses you copied from the MS Word document, then click Add Subscribers

This will add the user's email addresses to the elist and send them an email notifying them of the elist and the address

Note: Checkmarking "Quiet" will add the users to the list but will not send a notification email.

All of the users can now use the elist address to email the group.