Canvas Trunk Project Site MigrationHow do I email the collaborators on a shared folder?

How do I email the collaborators on a shared folder?

Collaborators on a Tufts.Box shared folder can email the collaboration group.

Go to and click on the name of the shared folder

This displays the contents of the folder

On the right of the display, click the Sharing tab

This displays the list of collaborators for this folder

Click on the name of any of the collaborators

This displays the Collaborators page for the folder.

Click "Mail All"

This displays an email form for emailing the group of collaborators.

Enter the email message text, then click Send

This will send an email to the all of the users on the collaboration list for this folder.


Note: Unfortunately, a copy of the email is not sent to the person that generated the email.  Only the other collaborators receive a copy of the email.