Canvas Canvas SyllabusHow do I post a course Syllabus?

How do I post a course Syllabus?

An easy way for instructors or TAs to post a class syllabus is to first upload the syllabus file to the Canvas Files tool and then link and display that file in the Canvas Syllabus tool.

Go to Files

This displays the site's file storage area.

Click Add Folder

Name the Folder "Syllabus", then save the folder by clicking the Checkmark

This creates a folder in the Files tool named "Syllabus"

Click on the Syllabus folder

This displays the (empty) contents of the Syllabus folder

Click Upload

This displays your computer's file locator.

Find the syllabus file on your computer, select it and click Open (or Select)

This uploads the syllabus file to the Syllabus folder in the Files tool.

Go to the Syllabus tool

Click Edit

This displays the Syllabus tool editing text box.


Select the Files tab then select the syllabus file

This automatically creates a link in the Syllabus text box to the syllabus file in the Files tool


This displays the linking dialogue box.

Click Update Syllabus

This will automatically display the syllabus document in the syllabus tool.