For Instructors - How do I give a student an accommodation in ProctorU?

There are two steps to providing a student with an accommodation in a ProctorU exam session:

Step 1 - Set up the accommodation in Canvas (or whichever platform houses the exam)

Step 2 - Request the accommodation in ProctorU

1 - Set up the accommodation in Canvas

In Canvas, extended-time accommodations are provided to a student by "moderating" the exam and, in the "Student Extensions" section, adding extra time for that particular student. Follow the illustrated, step-by-step instructions here:  

Once I publish a timed quiz, how can I give my students extra time?

2 - Request the accommodation in ProctorU

To ensure the student's accommodation will be provided by the human proctor in the ProctorU session complete this form for each student:

ProctorU - Submit a Request

NOTE: Most fields in the "Submit a request" form are self-explanatory, but a few fields listed below should be filled out specifically as follows:

Field: "How can we help?"

Set this field to "Accommodation Request - *For Faculty/Exam Provider user only*"

Field: "Exam Facilitator"

Enter your own name

Field: "Course/Exam Name"

Enter the course/exam just as it appears in Canvas and in the ProctorU session you already scheduled

Field: "Does this accommodation cover all exams, at the specified institution, for this test taker?"

Answer: No

Field: "Does this accommodation cover all exams in this course?"

Answer: No

Field: "Does this accommodation cover all exams for this exam facilitator?"

Answer: No

Field: "Is this an ADA accommodation?"

Answer: Yes.

Generally, a student who has been granted an accommodation has received it through official Tufts channels guided by ADA policies and laws.

Field: "Accommodation Type"

Select whichever accommodations apply to the student

You have the option to include additional notes or instructions in the "Details of your request" field, and to upload accompanying files if need be.

However there's no need to share a student accommodation letter or other confidential documents with ProctorU in order to arrange accommodations.

When you have completed the accommodation request form click "Submit".  

The information will be associated with that student's proctoring session, and the proctor who oversees their exam will be able to grant the accommodation.

See also: ProctorU's instruction page: How to Give Accommodations to Test-Takers