For Instructors - What do I tell students who will be taking an exam in ProctorU?

NOTE: It's important that you inform students before they enroll that they may be taking an exam proctored in an online setting which involves monitoring and recording them and their space.

Once your course is in progress and your proctored exam has been set up in ProctorU, it's important that you communicate to the students their tasks and responsibilities in order to insure that the proctored exam experience is successful.

In your Canvas course, post a customized version of the content below to inform students about ProctorU and the proctored exam-taking process:

Text to include in your Canvas course for your students:

Copy and paste everything in the blue box below into a Page in your Canvas course. Be sure to complete the exam session details at the end.

Online Exam Proctoring with ProctorU Live+

This course will use the ProctorU Live+ platform to proctor some of your online exams

What is ProctorU Live+?

Tufts uses a platform called ProctorU Live+ which allows for video and audio monitoring and recording of your exam sessions, and which uses a combination of AI software and human proctoring to maintain academic integrity.

How Do I Prepare for My ProctorU Exam?


Create a ProctorU account and download the Guardian Secure Proctoring Browser on your computer.


Schedule proctoring for your exam at the beginning of the semester.

  • Log into your Canvas course
  • Log into to ProctorU from inside your Canvas course by clicking "ProctorU" in the white Canvas menu on the left side of the page.
  • You will be automatically logged into ProctorU inside Canvas
  • Once logged into ProctorU inside Canvas, click "Schedule New Session".
  • Confirm your institution, term, and exam name, then click "Search Sessions."
  • Use the calendar and clock features on the left to select your desired testing date and time.


Test your equipment a week before the actual exam date in an environment that is identical to or close to your actual testing location.

Important Note: You will need administrative access on your computer. To view the recommended hardware and software requirements, view this article.

To test your equipment:

  • Log into your course in Canvas
  • Click on "ProctorU" in the white Canvas menu on the left side of the screen
  • You will be automatically logged into ProctorU inside Canvas
  • Once you are logged into ProctorU inside Canvas, scroll down and click "Test Your Equipment"
  • Wait while the test runs
  • When the test is complete a message box will tell you if the test was successful, or if there were issues with your hardware or software.
  • If there are issues a message will tell you how to correct them.
  • If you have trouble correcting the issues, contact ProctorU tech support.


Prepare for exam day

This video will walk you through the exam day experience including any best practices. For additional information, read this article to ensure you are prepared for exam day.

Do you have any testing accommodations?

The ProctorU platform is fully ADA compliant. If you require special testing accommodations, I will need to let ProctorU know. Please work with me prior to your exam to make sure your accommodations are in place in their system well before the exam date.

Does the Guardian Browser or ProctorU software negatively interfere with my computer?

ProctorU does not permanently impact your computer in any way. You will be able to see everything your proctor is doing while you are connected. Once your exam is over and you have closed out of your ProctorU chat session and video connection, the screen sharing client is removed from your computer. You may also uninstall the Guardian browser after each exam session if you choose to do so.

Does ProctorU breach my privacy rights?

No. ProctorU takes your privacy very seriously. They stringently adhere to all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. No student information can be shared without your direct approval. If you have any privacy concerns, you can visit ProctorU's Privacy Policy page. For additional information, review the ProctorU Student Bill of Rights.

Questions or concerns?

View ProctorU's test-taker support FAQ page here.

FOR HELP IN REAL TIME: ProctorU wants you to know that they are always available to help! You can always start a live chat by logging into your ProctorU account and clicking the chat icon in the lower right side of your screen, open a support ticket, or call (855) 772-8678.

REMINDER: You will be asked to show an ID to start the proctoring session, so have a student ID, drivers license, or passport ready.

EXAM INFO: Here’s the exam information you will need to know when scheduling your exam session in ProctorU:

  • Exam Name:     _____
  • Time Limit:     _____
  • Format:     _____
  • Resources Allowed:     _____
  • Window Length:     _____
  • Window Start:     _____
  • Window Close:     _____
  • Last Appointment Time:     _____