What is Learning Catalytics?

Learning Catalytics is a web-based "Classroom Response System" which allows your instructors to deliver questions to your devices (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and see student responses in real-time.

How to get access to Learning Catalytics

How you get your Learning Catalytics account will depend on your school and your year. Click this link to see a chart to see how you will get your Learning Catalytics access: How do I access Learning Catalytics?


Using Learning Catalytics in Class

Follow these steps to participate in Learning Catalytics in class.

Bring a web-enabled device to class

You can participate in Learning Catalytics with any device that has a browser (laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

In the classroom always connect your device to the "Tufts_Secure” wireless network for a fast and secure connection: https://it.tufts.edu/securewireless.  

Log in to Learning Catalytics

How you log in will depend on your school and year. Click this link to see a chart to see how you will log in to Learning Catalytics: How do I access Learning Catalytics?

Enter the "Session ID" provided by your instructor

The session ID is a unique number that your instructor will provide during each classroom session. Usually the Session ID is listed on the first slide of your instructor's PowerPoint presentation so you can join the session at the beginning of class. Your instructor may also show the Session ID when they ask a question via Learning Catalytics during the lecture. You will need to be in class to see the Session ID and participate, although sometimes instructors create offline sessions which you join at any time outside the classroom.

NOTE: You will not see anything in Learning Catalytics after joining the session until your instructor delivers a question to the class.

Answer the questions delivered to your device

When your instructor wants to ask a question with Learning Catalytics, the question will be delivered to your device. Answer the question by clicking, tapping, or typing in your response (depending on your device and the type of question).

Follow your instructor's instructions to continue participating

Your instructor can see how the whole class responded to the question and may show you a graph of those results (which will appear on your device). Your instructor may also ask you to discuss your answers with your neighbors or move on without showing the results. After your instructor is done they will stop delivery of questions and return to their lecture.

Review your results after class

At the end of class your instructor will end the session and you will no longer receive questions for that lecture. If your instructor allows you to review results click the Review older class sessions link in Learning Catalytics to see your responses. Your past sessions can be a useful study tool. 

If you have problems with Learning Catalytics...

If you have any problems with your Learning Catalytics account contact your course team or [email protected].