How can I budget time for interactive teaching while covering the required material?

"How do I still cover the required material when interactive teaching methods take away class time?"

Consider the following tips from the video below:

  • Flipped classroom techniques push content delivery outside of the classroom “I don’t have to cover everything in class” It’s not all or nothing. I can flip something or parts of the class. Students consume content outside the classroom. It does not have to be videos.
  • Use JiTT (just-in-time teaching) assignments before class to ensure students consume the content thoughtfully
  • Provide appropriate incentives - Stick: Points are awarded for assignment completion; Carrot: Class time is shaped by students’ questions
  • Example JiTT question: “What was the most confusing part of the pre-class readings?” Usually do it the night before so you have time before class to prepare yourself to address those points.

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To faciliate JiTT or out-of-class learning, use Online (Automated Synchronous) or Independent (Self-Paced or Self-Test) mode of question delivery in Learning Catalytics.

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