What if you don't see a record of your participation?

We have had a number of support tickets come in from students who logged in to Learning Catalytics to review their past sessions but it shows that they didn't participate, even though they were in class and did use Learning Catalytics. In all of these situations the problem was that the student had two Learning Catalytics accounts and was looking at the participation history of the other account.

Please follow these instructions to confirm that this is the case for you and how to resolve it. If you are unable to resolve the issue please contact [email protected].

Contact your professor to see if you appear in the Learning Catalytics grade book twice

If you show up twice in your professor's Learning Catalytics gradebook it means that you have used two accounts while participating in the sessions for your course. Your instructor is not able to see your login name in the gradebook (only actual name and email address) so you'll need to figure out which account you used for the majority of your participation by looking at the participation history of both accounts.

Perform a password reset for your Learning Catalytics accounts

If you don't know the password for both of the accounts you were using, follow these instructions for performing a password reset using your email address: How do I retrieve my Learning Catalytics username and/or password? 

Make sure you are able to log in to both accounts before moving on to the next step.

Identify which login has the missing participation history

Log into Learning Catalytics with each account and click on Review older class sessions. Make note of which login has the majority of your participation history. If you don't see the participation history in either account it is possible that you have a third account with a different email address.

NOTE: This is also a good time to check the expiration dates on both accounts by following these instructions: Click on your account name to check your expiration date. We recommend that you use the account with the most time left on it.

Use only one account for future participation and notify your professor

Make sure that you record the username and password for your primary account so you don't forget it in the future. Let your professor know that you were using two accounts and which sessions you participated in using the other account so they don't mark you as absent for those sessions.