ProctorU FAQ for Tufts Faculty

ProctorU is an online proctoring service for use in fully online courses and programs.  ProctorU allows a live proctor to monitor and record a student's webcam and screen during a testing session, and notifies the instructor of any perceived academic dishonesty.  Due to the invasive nature of this type of proctoring, ProctorU is only recommended for high-stakes assessments such as midterms, finals, or certification exams.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a per student, per test-instance charge associated with the use of this tool, along with other potential fees.

Requests to use ProctorU must be received prior to the start of the semester to allow for adequate set-up time and communication with students.

To request a consultation to see if ProctorU is suitable for your course, please review the information linked below and contact Tufts ETS at [email protected].

How do I use ProctorU?

To learn more about ProctorU:

ProctorU Frequently Asked Questions

How does ProctorU work?

An exam event is created in ProctorU which allows students to schedule their exam session during the window of time specified. When the time comes for a student to take their exam, the student accesses ProctorU, is assigned a proctor, and participates in identity verification, and a 360-degree visual scan of their physical testing environment. During the session a human proctor monitors the student's screen and webcam.

The ProctorU monitor then initiates the exam in Canvas by entering a password for the student. The proctor may communicate with the student if needed during the exam via ProctorU's chat tool.

Does ProctorU use Artificial Intelligence or real people for proctoring?

ProctorU offers several options, but Tufts uses their Live+ solution which is a human proctor. The student verification process uses artificial intelligence and is then checked by the proctor.

How do I get started with ProctorU?  

After Tufts ETS staff set up the basic ProctorU shell for your exam event, you are responsible for including more detailed information, and communicating important information about the exam and about ProctorU to your students.

The ProctorU user guides will step you through the process of hosting an exam in the platform. See: ProctorU User Guides

Is there an extra cost for students to use ProctorU?

Yes, ProctorU charges a fee, which generally ranges from $15 - $30 per student per test. There may also be a $5 late fee if a student schedules their exam within 72 hours of taking the exam. This can be avoided by communicating to students that they need to schedule their session early.

What if a student requires an accommodation?

As with any other test, you can work with the student, and any other office to make accommodations. Time-and-a-half for an exam is a very common accommodation.

Are there security or FERPA issues/concerns with recording students?  

Some students have expressed concerns about privacy, about ProctorU’s recording capability, and about ProctorU’s access to their computer’s controls. It's important that you inform students enrolling in your online class that they may need to participate in a proctored exam.

ProctorU has been vetted by Tufts’ enterprise architecture review which includes a legal review and a security review. You can read ProctorU’s privacy statement here:

What happens if a student is suspected of cheating?

ProctorU will send you an “Incident Report” for review. Most of these are false positives. For example, if a student closes their ProctorU session before logging out of Canvas, this will result in a low-priority Incident Report, even though the exam was submitted. You can review all Incident Reports to determine if there's need for further inquiry.

Can I do a paper exam, or have students submit written work through ProctorU?    

ProctorU can handle some paper-based answers and “scrap paper” submissions if students need to show their work. A full paper-based exam is a challenge, though you can work on on converting your exam to a digital format with a scrap paper option if possible.

To request evaluation to see if ProctorU is suitable for your course, contact Tufts ETS at [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: It's important that you make requests for ProctorU prior to the start of the semester,  to allow yourself enough time to set up the test in Canvas and ProctorU.