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How do I find recordings of my class?

For more information, see the Echo help documentation: Overview: Finding Courses and Content and Accessing Classes/Entering a Classroom.

Log into Echo360.

See How do I access Echo360?

Canvas users accessing Echo360 from the navigation menu will be taken directly to their course. TUSK users will be asked to log in first before being taken to their course.

If you are logged into Echo360, you can also access courses from your home page. If you have previously followed a link to an Echo360 course from Canvas or TUSK, that course will appear on your home page.

Accessing courses from the home page

Look for the course on the Courses tab of your home page.

Courses are listed by term, with current courses at the top of the page. Use the "Sort by" menu to sort courses by name or course code.

If you do not see the course on your home page, first go to the associated course site in Canvas or TUSK and look for a link to "Echo360" or "Lecture Recordings." Follow that link and log in (if requested). The course will be added to your home page.

If you still do not see a course you think you should have access to, email [email protected] with the following information:

  • The name and number of the course you are trying to access
  • Your role in the course (Course Director, Primary Instructor, Teaching Assistant, etc.)

Click on a course tile.

You will be taken to the class list for that course and shown all available recordings.