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How do I get instructor access to my courses in Echo360?

If your lectures are recorded using Echo360, or you use Echo360 Personal Capture, you may want instructor access to your Echo360 course site. Instructor access allows you to reorder, edit, and set availability on recordings. It also allows you to publish Personal Capture videos directly to your course.

If you are not sure whether you have instructor access to your Echo360 course, go to Echo360 via the link in your Canvas or TUSK course site. If you have instructor access, you will see buttons that allow you to reorder content, access course settings, and create new groups and classes.

My courses are on Canvas

Echo360 will open and you will see any lecture recordings for your course. The first time you access Echo360 via a Canvas course site, the system will automatically grant you instructor access to lecture recordings for the course.

If you do not see "echo360" in the navigation menu of your course site, make sure the tool has been activated: How do I add Echo360 to my course site?

Repeat the process for each of your Canvas course sites.

My courses are on TUSK

Instructor access must be set manually. Email with the name and number of your course.