What is iClicker?

Special Note to Faculty: If you and your students don’t already own the iClicker hardware, we highly recommend that you use the Poll Everywhere app instead of iClicker, as it is a more robust and versatile tool and is available to Tufts faculty and students at no cost.



iClicker is a hardware-based classroom response system developed by the Macmillan company, which allows a presenter and audience to engage in a question & answer session, and to view and show responses in real time.

iClicker Hardware

iClicker equipment includes:

  • The iClicker base, a USB cable, and a USB drive
  • The instructor's iClicker remote
  • The students' (or audience) iClicker remotes
  • The instructor's computer

The iClicker software runs from a USB drive attached to the instructor's computer. It controls the iClicker session and records audience responses

iClicker responses are visible in real time and can be displayed as a graph on the instructor's computer