For Instructors: What iClicker Hardware do I need?

Special Note to Faculty: If you and your students don’t already own the iClicker hardware, we highly recommend that you use Poll Everywhere instead of iClicker. Poll Everywhere is a more robust and versatile tool and is available to Tufts faculty and students at no cost. Please note that Tufts will be phasing out support of iClicker at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

To use iClicker, faculty and students must already have, or acquire, their own hardware. iClicker hardware can be purchased through the Tufts University bookstore, or a vendor of your choosing.

iClicker's general pricing is listed here.

Check your hardware set-up to make sure you have:

  • One iClicker base
  • One USB cable to connect the base to your computer
  • One USB drive
  • One instructor iClicker remote (blue)

Note: your students will each need an iClicker student remote (white)

Note regarding iClicker at Tufts Medical School for the MD program:

iClicker has been phased out at Tufts Medical School. Poll Everywhere is now available for realtime classroom response.