Educational Technology User GuidesiClicker For Instructors: How to Use iClicker in CanvasFor Instructors: How do I use iClicker with Canvas in the classroom?

For Instructors: How do I use iClicker with Canvas in the classroom?

To get started using iClicker, if you haven't already done so, obtain the needed hardware and software.

Once you have the software installed on a USB drive, you can get started --

Connect the iClicker base to your computer with the accompanying USB cable. Plug in the USB drive on which you have previously installed iClicker.

Note: If you run out of USB ports on your computer, you can plug the USB drive into the one located on the side of the iClicker Base called "Flash Memory"

Launch the iClicker software from the USB drive

Select a language to work in, click "OK"

Click "+ Create" to create a new course, or select an existing course, and click "Start New Session"

Note: the name of the course you create in iClicker doesn't have to match the official course name. You can change the Course Name later in Course Settings.

In the classroom, ask your students to turn on their iClickers and adjust their base frequency code if needed

The frequency used by the instructor's base and student remotes must match.

The iClicker base and remotes default to the "AA" frequency.  If a student's remote frequency doesn't match the instructors base, the red LED on their remote will flash three times.  

Students can reset the frequency of their remotes by pressing and holding the remote power button for two seconds, then pressing A, then A again.

Start your presentation on your computer

The iClicker tool panel will float over the presentation and remain visible

In the iClicker tool panel, click the small gray triangle to select the question type

Question type choices are: multiple choice, numeric, and short answer

Ask your audience the question, verbally, or on screen, or both

Click the green-bordered "play" button (with green triangle) to activate the question

Let users answer with their clickers

You can see response tallies on the iClicker base, and in the iClicker software

Click the red-bordered "stop" button to stop the question

Click the graph icon to show the results on your computer screen

You can show the graph of results during or after you stop the question session

Choose a new question type, and click the green-bordered "Play" button again to activate a new question.