For Students: How do I register iClicker in Canvas?

If your instructor asks you to use an iClicker in class, follow these guidelines. You may use any model of a functioning iClicker, new or used.  Please make sure: 

1) You have consistent access to the device

2) The iClicker remote ID on the back is legible for the roster registration

3) You are the only one using the device and not sharing it with a student enrolled in the same course.

4) You are using a physical clicker, not a clicker app on a mobile device (if you use a mobile app, your results could be lost)

You can register your iClicker in Canvas as follows:

Log into the course in Canvas, select "iClicker registration" from the left-hand menu

Choose "Remote Registration" from the iClicker Classic Options list

Find the 8-character ID number on the back of your iClicker remote

Enter this ID number on the iClicker registration page, and click "Register"

The display will show your iClicker remote ID has been entered

Registering your remote allows iClicker to record your answers, so you instructor can keep track of your participation


  • If you are using iClicker in more than one course, you only need register the remote once. The registration will apply to other Canvas courses in the current semester.


  • You can register more than one remote. If you lose or break your remote, you can register another. Your iClicker participation in Canvas using all registered remotes will be linked to your Tufts University account.


  • You can remove an iClicker remote registration by clicking "remove" next to its serial number on the Canvas iClicker registration page. You should remove your remote registration if you no longer have the remote in your possession.