Language Placement Oral Interview Instructions


Getting ready to use Zoom

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom web conferencing, please start with this guide:

Quick Intro to Zoom for Tufts Students

Best practices for web meetings

  • Join the meeting 5 minutes early.
  • Join the meeting from a location that is quiet and free from distraction.
  • You need sufficient lighting so you can be easily seen in the video.
  • If you are using the microphone built into your computer, use headphones to eliminate echoes in the audio feed.
  • NOTE: you may be asked to show photo identification (something with your image and name on it) to prove your identity for the interview.


At the date and time of your meeting, click the meeting URL in your invitation email

The meeting URL will be in your invitation email. If you have lost the link, please contact [email protected] The meeting will not start until the date and time of your appointment.

Wait to be accepted into the meeting (and please be patient)

When you join the meeting you will be in the waiting room. If you are using the zoom app, please test your audio while you wait.

The interviewer speaks with each student one at a time, so please wait patiently for your turn and do not leave the computer or close the connection.

Choose your audio when you are accepted into the meeting

We recommend using the "Computer Audio" option if your computer has a microphone; use headphones to make it easier for you to hear.

If you can't use your computer for audio, you can use your phone by calling in to the tool free numbers or having the system call you.

Confirm your video connection with the host

When you enter the meeting both your audio and video connections should start immediately, and the host will confirm that both your audio and video streams are working correctly. The host will help you troubleshoot your video and audio connections if needed.

Your audio and video may be muted when you first start the meeting. Click "Unmute Audio" and "Start Video" to enable both.

For some interviews you will start speaking immediately with the interviewer but for others you may need to be placed into a Breakout room with the interviewer.

Join the Breakout Room

When the Language Coordinator is ready for you, you will be added to the "Breakout Room" where they are conducting the interviews. Click "Join Breakout" on the pop-up that appears. You will then see a confirmation that you have joined the breakout room.

Speaking with the Language Coordinator

Your interview may last anywhere from 2-15 minutes, during which you will be asked to talk about your background with the language, demonstrate your speaking skills, and discuss the learning opportunities in the language at Tufts.

Leave the meeting when you're done

The Language Coordinator will let you know when the interview is finished. Click "Leave Breakout Room" in the lower right-hand corner of the Zoom window and then click "Leave Meeting" in the pop-up window.

DO NOT click "Return to the main session"