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Synchronizing Canvas roster and gradebook with Poll Everywhere

NOTE To Tufts users of Poll Everywhere:

On June 15th, Poll Everywhere released a major update to the instructor user interface. The new interface supports nested folders and a variety of other enhancements. We are currently in the process of developing new documentation to support you in using this new interface. In the meantime, this brief but informative overview will get you acquainted with the new Poll Everywhere design:

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

 Poll Everywhere can synchronize with your Canvas course roster and gradebook.

NOTE: If you have any Canvas administrator privileges (you can access other instructor's courses without being enrolled in those courses), please contact [email protected] before using the roster synchronization.

Before you begin

You will need to contact [email protected] to enable Poll Everywhere in your Canvas site.

Ensure the course is Published using the button at the top right of the Course home screen.

Next, go to the course Settings and on the Course Details tab make sure the course has a start date in the past, and an end date that is in the future from when you intend to use the integration.

Go to Modules and Click "+ Module" to and give it a title

Poll Everywhere LTI 1.3 Test — (Private Browsing)

Click the "+" button on the Module

Select "External Tool" from the menu and choose "Poll Everywhere" from the External Tool list

Poll Everywhere LTI 1.3 Test — (Private Browsing)
Course Modules: Poll Everywhere LTI 1.3 Test — (Private Browsing)

NOTE: this module and link are INSTRUCTOR ONLY. Do not publish them, as they will not work for students.

You will need to log into Poll Everywhere when you use the roster and grade sync.

Click "Continue to"

If you get an error message after this page, make sure that the course is published and that there is a start and end date in the course settings.

Click "Import Roster"

LMS Import Export | Poll Everywhere — (Private Browsing)

When you click "Import Roster" Poll Everywhere will create a Participant Group with the list of students enrolled in the Canvas course. You can proceed to the participants page of Poll Everywhere to confirm the synchronization worked, although it may take a little time to process.

You can repeat this process as often as needed until the end of the add/drop period, but be mindful that this process will only add new students; it will not remove students who have dropped.

Gradebook Synchronization

Go to "Assignments" and click "+ Assignment"

Name the assignment and choose "External Tool" for "Submission Type"

Click "Find" and select "Poll Everywhere" from the external tool list

Also click the "Load This Tool In A New Tab" option.

Click "Save & Publish" when done

NOTE: you do not need to define a point value for the assignment. When you synchronize, Poll Everywhere will assign a score out of 100.

Click the button to launch Poll Everywhere in a new window

Poll Everywhere Score — (Private Browsing)

Click "Create Gradebook Report for Export"

Select the questions you want to include in your report

Poll Everywhere — (Private Browsing)

Currently the reports will only send scores for "Multiple Choice" and "Clickable Image" questions with correct answers.

Select the "Participant List" for the Canvas course when reviewing the report

Click "Export" to send the scores back to the Canvas grade book

Untitled — (Private Browsing)