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How do I sync the Canvas roster and gradebook with Poll Everywhere?

 Poll Everywhere can synchronize with your Canvas course roster and gradebook.

Open Settings in your Canvas Course

Open the Navigation tab

Enable Poll Everywhere

You will need to log into Poll Everywhere when you use roster sync and grade sync.

Click "Sync roster"

When you click "Sync Roster" Poll Everywhere will create a Participant Group with the list of students enrolled in the Canvas course. You can proceed to the participants page of Poll Everywhere to confirm the synchronization worked, although it may take a little time to process.

You can repeat this process as often as needed,  but be mindful that this process will only add new students; it will not remove students who have dropped.  It is a best practice to wait until you want the grade in the Canvas to sync the roster.

Create a Gradebook Report

NOTE: you do not need to define an assignment in Canvas. When you Export, Poll Everywhere will create a new assignment with a total score out of 100.

Open the Reports page

Click "Create Report"

Choose "Grade Book"

Navigate to the questions you want to include in your report

Poll Everywhere — (Private Browsing)

Open the 'Untitled' report

Rename the report (this will be the Canvas assignment name)

Select the "Participant List" for the Canvas course when reviewing the report

This is only necessary so that you can preview the data you will be sending to Canvas.

Click "Export" to send the scores back to the Canvas grade book

Untitled — (Private Browsing)

Choose Canvas course and Assignment type

You must create the report AFTER creating the participant link. If your course is not appearing in the drop-down, scroll up and start from the "Click + Module" step.

The Grade report will only reflect questions that have a designated correct answer (multiple choice or clickable image questions). The participation grade will give credit for all questions that the student submitted.