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How to Embed an Image into an Open-ended Question

If you want to present an image as part of a question prompt for an "open-ended" or :word-cloud" style question, you must upload the image as a "logo" in the "Visual settings".

Open the question in Question view

To open the "Question" view, click on the question text in the "Polls" view or open the question embedded in your PowerPoint presentation.

Click on the "paintbrush" icon to open the visual settings

Click the "Title" section to expand the title settings

Click "Choose" in the "Logo" section to select your image

Click "Browse" to upload an image from your computer

Click upload to save your selection.

Try changing the logo alignment to left or right to if the image and question text take up too much space

Use the "Size" setting under the "Font" section to adjust the size of the question text (if needed)

Changing this setting has some impact on the image size as well.

Close visual settings to review the finished question

Open visual settings again if you need to adjust anything. Test out your poll to see how responses will look on the screen (click here for instructions on how to do this: Testing your poll)

NOTE: the image will NOT appear on student devices

Students will need to see the image on the projector screen in the classroom.